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Tawananyasha M Chimusoro

Hey there Dream Chasers. Through the assistance of Koala education service agents, your dream of wanting to study abroad can become a reality. Just before seeking assistance from these jagged up agents, I went through some testimonials on their Facebook and Instagram page, these seemed quite uplifting and how I hoped that one day it would be someone else reading my own testimonial. Well, here I am telling you about it now, if you work hand in hand with these agents, you have 100% guarantee to sail through easily. The most amazing part of it all is that you don’t even have to be there physically for them to assist you. Tinashe wholeheartedly assisted me as we communicated through emails and phone calls and she also kept me updated and if I had queries, she would easily respond. Whenever she was out of office, it didn’t mean I would be totally stuck, no. Grace would actually chip in and takeoff where Tinashe had left. This was a good example that you can never work alone without people’s assistance, therefore I highly recommend this service to anyone looking into studying in Australia and other countries or for any educational services whatsoever.  I am very grateful for Tinashe’s services and will always be thankful that I chose Koala education services to help me. Please keep up the honest and great work guys. This was the best experience ever.

God Bless you Guys...

Joseph Mukura

I urge all prospective students from our Zimbabwean community who would like to study abroad, to consider applying for University through the agents at Koala Education Services because they focus on a wide range of tertiary education institutions in: AUSTRALIA, UK, USA, CANADA, DUBAI, MALAYSIA, SOUTH AFRICA, NEW ZEALAND, SWITZERLAND, MAURITIUS, GERMANY and IRELAND. This gives students from our country various study abroad destination choices and global exposure.


Before I started using your services, I was lost and frustrated. I felt like I was wasting my time still dreaming about studying in Australia. Then I came across your agency and I got the results I wanted in a matter of months.

Thanks to you Koala Education, I am studying my dream career in Australia. Thank you for your efficiency and transparency when we worked on my case.

Patrick Hakuzweyezu

Koala agency assisted me in my visa process. Grace would always keep me updated on the visa application. If I had queries she would easily respond. Grace helped me through the whole visa process, advised me on which documents to have. I was so glad to hear that my visa was out. I highly recommend Koala agency for students who want to study abroad

Their team showed great assistance in what I needed help with and always kept me up to date in what requirements or actions I needed help with. They were always very friendly and full of encouragement and always managed to somehow get the job done for me when, at times, it seemed near impossible.

Oscar Marchussen
Brittany King


Tinashe Mutowo from Koala Education services made my dream to study at Curtin University possible! I could not have done it without her help and hard work. I am very grateful for her services and will always be thankful that I chose Koala Education services to help me. I highly recommend this service to anyone looking to study in Australia. 

Lorrain Mabaleka

I had tried many education agents who were all charging exorbitant fees. Someone referred me to Koala Education Services where l was happy with the fees, they gave me value for my money. My daughter is now studying in Australia, thanks to Koala. I wouldn’t  hesitate to recommend Koala Education Services to anyone.


I am truly grateful for the help and assistance that I received from Koala education. A friend of mine recommended the service to me. I highly recommend Koala Services which has given me the opportunity to study in the sunshine city of Australia.

Prenay Naran

Thank you for believing in me and helping me apply somewhere that would best suit me as an individual. Koala Agency not only does your application but they carefully consider you as a person and give you advice on what will be best for you.

Sabastian Hore1.jpg
Sebastian Hore

Aussie is very good and I am enjoying the grace of God here. Thank you for your kind assistance – I am still in shock after you called to say my visa is out!!! Thank you


Melbourne is a beautiful city and voted the most livable city in the world, living in the city has been amazing as I am able to commute to work and school easily and go to church in the city.