Scholarships on offer at the University of Western Australia!

The University of Western Australia has a wide range of scholarships available to international students, such as the the Global Excellence Scholarship for high-achieving undergraduate and postgraduate students from eligible countries( yes Zimbabwe is one of them!).

The scholarships up for grabs are the following 2022 Global Excellence Scholarships

  • up to AUD$48,000 over four years for undergraduates commencing eligible courses in 20221

  • up to AUD$36,000 over three years for undergraduates commencing eligible courses in 20222

  • up to AUD$24,000 over two years for postgraduates commencing eligible courses in 20223

1. Based on eight semesters of full-time study, when enrolled in an eligible undergraduate degree that runs over four years (Bachelor of Philosophy (Honours), Bachelor of Advanced Computer Science (Honours), any Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s). 2. Based on six semesters of full-time study. 3. Based on four semesters of full-time study. For students studying at UWA in semester 2, 2021:

  • undergraduate students can receive scholarships up to AUD$45,000 over three years in eligible courses;

  • postgraduate students can receive up to AUD$30,000 over two years;

  • undergraduates studying an eligible new Combined Bachelor’s and Master’s (CBM) degree or other eligible four-year undergraduate degrees, can receive up to AUD$60,000 over four years.

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