Aussie is very good and I am enjoying by the grace of God here. Thank you Koala for your kind assistance – I am still in shock after you called to say my visa is out!!!

Sebastian Hore

Thank you Koala:) Australia!! Melbourne! WOW! Living in the city has been amazing as I am able to commute to work and school easily. I have not limited myself to only Zimbabwean friends but have been open to making friends from all corners of the

Rumbi Mangi

Koala Education Services’ provided me with a fantastic opportunity to attain my tertiary education at a spectacular overseas institute. They displayed excellent support and professionalism throughout my application process and kept me well informed.

Phineas Chiketsani

I really must express my gratitude at the help you gave me in order to get my visa. Your patience was much appreciated and it is through your help that I have managed to get my Visa and get into Griffith University.

Tinashe Rushwaya

Thanks to the diligent effort from Koala education, I’m currently studying a Master of Electronic Engineering  programme in Australia, and living with my wife. We started the application process in September 2014, and by mid January 2015 we all had our visas.

Lyle Parsons

I am currently studying at QUT in Brisbane Australia.  It was a pleasure working with Koala Education Services; I did the bare minimum and they took care of most of the application process and gave me the best advice on what will work for me.

Prenay Naran

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